How to Check WiFi Router History On Android (Complete Guide)

The company owner or network manager must track employee Internet activity in today’s digitally networked society. Viruses threaten the corporate network, while gaming, social media, and other non-work-related websites can suck up valuable bandwidth and impede employee productivity. Many various methods exist for monitoring Internet usage. Still, the most basic and cost-effective ones include examining browser history, reading direct Internet cache files, and tracking Internet activities with the network router.

The internet has converted an essential component of our normal lives. It’s virtually hard to picture a future without the internet because many activities rely on accessing and utilizing it. Wi-Fi routers are frequently used as part of a network and thus are shared by several devices. Many entities utilize wireless internet contacts in their homes, offices, and schools, to label a few areas.

A router administrator may wish to track how their network’s users access the internet. We’ll look at how to examine the Wi-Fi router history on Android in this article. These days everyone is using Wi-Fi people think there is no life without the internet so everyone is utilizing it.

How to Check WiFi Router History On Android


How to Check WiFi Router History On Android

Why Should You Check Your Wi-Fi History?

Wireless internet connections allow several people and devices to connect to the internet simultaneously. The difficulty arises when users’ web activity must monitor. Administrators (also known as network owners) may be concerned, interested, anxious, or plain nosy. It makes them curious about how the network’s consumers utilize the internet in general.

The Wi-Fi administrator may be a parent anxious about their child’s exposure to the internet or a company owner concerned that workers are using the internet for personal purposes rather than working.

There are various reasons why people would want to examine their Wi-Fi history. These are some of them:

  • The browsing history may not even provide precise information about the viewed website.
  • Users have the option of deleting their search history, making their actions both invisible and unavailable.
  • Users may easily cover or hide their browsing activity. They can use incognito mode to surf or use VPNs to mask their IP address. As a result, their information is no longer visible in the browser.
  • Admins may also demand to know whether other system users are viewing their actions.

Remotely monitor which websites have been visited on your Wi-Fi router.

There are many programs available on the internet that can connect web browsing and other action whether the device is connected to a modem or using data roaming outside if you want to mission-critical browsing history on a Wi-Fi modem.

KidsGuard Pro for Mobile is one of the best smartphone tracking apps for viewing a person’s browsing history, engagements, location, and much more. This program offers users a remote support gateway that they may access from any device using a browser.

Most crucially, because KidsGuard Pro for Android operates in stealth mode, the target individual is unaware that they have been tapped.

How to Check WiFi Router History On Android

A user can monitor or remove the Wi-Fi router history in various methods. A PC browser or the router’s log is the most basic method. On the other hand, Phones can provide access to the same information. The most prevalent form is to use applications. Numerous browsers also comprise options that let androids to usage them.

History of a Wi-Fi Router

The usage of Open DNS Website Domain Service (DNS) is required for internet use since it transforms domain names and IP addresses into understandable formats. Requests to a DNS usually go to the secure internet company’s IP address. It is, though, possible to route them by means of OpenDNS. There are a few procedures that users must follow to utilize OpenDNS on Android.

  1. The Android must be set up to update the DNS settings automatically. One of the assistances of using OpenDNS is that it is humble to set up.
  2. Begin by going to the options menu of the Android’s main screen. Select Wi-Fi from the options menu. It should provide a list of all Wi-Fi connections within the device’s range.
  3. Long press the Wi-Fi network to which your phone is connected. The display should then have two options: forget the network and alter the network. Modifying the web is the option.
  4. Depending on the device, the next step may change. In certain circumstances, users must choose advanced settings to access additional options that will allow them to adjust their DNS settings.
  5. Change the Effects of these factors from DHCP to stable at this point. This patch will enable the menu to display DNS settings, which may change.
  6. The phone will still have automatically get an IP address from the DHCP server.
  7. Save the changes. It will update your Android’s DNS servers.
  8. The user may then establish an account on the OpenDNS website by following the instructions.

After this configuration is complete, all web browser queries and the activity performed from a Wi-Fi network will be accessible to the router’s administrator.


How to Check WiFi Router History On Android FAQs

How do I check my Wi-Fi router history?

  • Use your web browser to access your router.
  • Then select Advanced.
  • You may need to select something varied based on the router you’re running, such as Admin, Logs, or even Gadget History.
  • Select System.
  • Select System Log from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to see the history of your router.

Can you see the Wi-Fi history on Android?

There is no method to verify the history of Wi-Fi connections. It does not exist in reality. However, the Android system maintains track of the data utilized by various apps through Wi-Fi. You can check this under Data Usage > WiFi > Settings.


Parents, apprehensive bosses, or simply nosy router administrators can monitor users’ internet activities. However, some of the key reasons an administrator would wish to monitor Wi-Fi router data are safety and responsibility.

It’s helpful to look up Wi-Fi history from a distance. Routers are accessible from any location and on any device. It implies that even an Android phone may use to check the record.