Top Best Router For 2 Story House [ 2023 ]

This article is written to guide you to select and pick the Best Router For 2 Story houses. If you are living in a two-story house and want to buy the router that fits that home to fulfill your family’s internet needs or want to replace your old and outdated router, then you are at the right spot.

Why need a wireless router, many people ask? If you want to get cheap and fast internet that many users in a home can utilize, you need a wifi router. Moreover, picking up the best wifi router for long-range is a challenging task for many people because they don’t want to waste their precious time analyzing several products to select the single one.

For these people, we have written this review to help them. We have created a list of the ten best wifi routers for 2 story houses. All these routers secure their place in this list after tight scrutiny. If you want to buy a wireless router that will feed you, then proceed.

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10 Best Router For 2 Story House in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. TP-Link Archer A9 Wireless router: best router for 1800 sq ft home

Chiefly, finding the TP-Link Archer A9 Wireless router is a complicated task. Because to cover a double story, we need an extensive coverage range and fast data transfer speeds. And such type of router is very pricey, don’t worry for your ease we found such a great router which is best for double story houses named TP-Link Archer 9. This best modem router for a double-story house

offers 1900 Mbps data transfer speed with an incredible coverage range of just 79$.


  • With the powerful VPN server
  • Three external antennas
  • Latest MU-MIMO technology
  • 9 Gbps dual-band speed
High performance:

Chiefly, this router features high performance due to its dual-band speed. Besides, it offers 600 Mbps at 2.4 Gbps and 5 GHz at 1300 Mbps. Hence, its high performance and fast internet speed make it these-Link Archer A9 Wireless router.

Safety measurements:

Notably, it offers premium safety controls such as Airtime fairness, parental controls, QoS, and VPN servers. They promote fast internet connections and prevent lagging of the internet. Besides, these factors make this the TP-Link Archer A9 Wireless router.

Easy setup:

Mainly, this router offers a quick and reliable setup through the tether app. So, you can easily control all functions of your router remotely. Besides, this setup enhances the rankings of this router and makes it a top-rated product.


  • Fast and buffer-speed
  • With AirTime fairness
  • Strong and powerful coverage range
  • Beamforming technology


  • With no ethernet ports
Our Words:

Notably, it is the Best Router For Optimum smart protection. And if you need a cheap and protective router with a vast coverage range, in my opinion, it is preferable for you because its price is only 79$ and offers a range of features.

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2. NETGEAR R6230-100NAS Wireless Router: Best router for big house

Do you need the Best Router For Optimum with expanded speed and maximum connectivity? Mainly, large houses need reliable speed and strong connections. Besides, in this situation, NETGEAR R6230-100NAS is the best. It offers two amplified antennas that provide strong signals all over the house. Moreover, despite all these features, it costs only 54$.


  • With one USB ports
  • 1200 sq feet coverage range
  • Latest 802.11ac wifi speed
  • Can cover up to 20 devices
Utmost coverage range:

This is the Best Router For Fiber Internet as it features a maximum coverage range of up to 1200 sq feet. Besides, this coverage range allows you to connect at least 20 devices with this router at once.

Secure connections:

Protect your device with smart and secure WPA security protocols. Notably, this security provides a separate guest network to hide personal information. Besides, if any website distributes your system, you can block it.

With convenient connection:

Expressly, this is the Best Router For Fiber Internet due to its right ethernet ports. These ports offer fast wired connections like computers and game boxes. Besides, for sharing and maximum storage of gaming files due to USB ports.


  • Fast performance
  • Remarkable wired connection
  • Compatible with every device
  • Safe and secure router


  • It doesn’t work with Alexa
Our Words:

Mainly, this is the Best Router For Fiber Internet because of its vast coverage range. Besides, it offers smart protection to protect all connected devices from external hazards. In my opinion, such a protective and fast router is not easy to find, but you can buy it from Amazon with just one click.

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3. TP-Link Archer A7 Wireless Router : best router for 2 floor house

Are you eager to find the Best Router for Charter Spectrum which offers exceptional speed, coverage, and setup? If yes, stay with us. We elect an excellent router which carries the above features. This unique router is TP-Link Archer A7. It offers a 2500 sq feet coverage range with three directional antennas. Besides these features, if you want to learn deeply about this product, have a glimpse below.


  • 1750 Mbps data transfer speed
  • Incredible coverage range 2500 sq feet
  • Connect 50 plus devices
  • With smart parental control
Stable performance:

Notably, it is the Best Router for Charter Spectrum because it features a powerful processor. Besides, this processor handles more than 50 devices with extraordinary internet speed. Moreover, best router for an old house with thick walls

should handle the demand of every digital device.

Exceptional coverage:

Mainly, for a large home or maximum devices, we need an extensive coverage range of up to 2500 sq feet. This is the Best Router For Many Devices

, which offers 2500 sq feet and covers up to 50 devices.

With three antennas:

Most importantly, this is the Best Router For Many Devices featuring three antennas. Hence, these antennas enhance coverage and also stable signals for fast internet speed. Moreover, these antennas make this router ideal for gaming.


  • Compatible with every device
  • Built for fast 4k videos
  • With USB and LAN ports
  • With tether app


  • MU-MIMO technology is absent
Our Words:

If you need a router with the latest MU-MIMO technology, the above product is the best. Eventually,  due to this technology, it can connect 25 plus devices at once without lagging. Besides, you can get this router for only 56$.

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4. NETGEAR R7000P-100NAS Wireless Router: best router for 2 story home 

NETGEAR R7000P-100NA is the best-known router due to its outstanding speed of up to 1625 Mbps. With this reliable speed, it also provides a 2000 sq feet coverage range to connect 35 plus devices at once. Besides, it offers MU-MIMO technology for the stable connectivity of wireless devices. Further, to learn more about its excellent features, let’s have a site.


  • With four ethernet port
  • 0 USB ports
  • Smart parental controls
  • Internet boosting beamforming technology
Coverage range:

The 2000 sq feet coverage range makes its performance faster than ever. Notably, at this range, it is compatible with up to 35 devices. So, you can connect every digital device of your home with it to enjoy durable speed.

Ethernet ports:

Expressly, this is the best Router For Frontier Fios that features wired ports. Hence, plug these ports to enjoy seamless wired speed for gaming. Besides, these powerful ports can run PlayStations and game consoles.

Advanced technology:

Mainly, this is the best router 2 story house, which is loaded with the latest MU-MIMO technology. Besides, it offers a dual-core 1 GHz CPU, antennas, Qos, and smart parental controls.


  • With a separate guest network
  • Reliable for up to 35 digital devices
  • Advanced security
  • With quick setup


  • A bit pricey
Our Words:

This is the best router 2 story house due to its seamless speed and expanded coverage range. Besides, to make a stable wired connection, ethernet ports are available. Moreover,  this router provided separate guest networks and smart parental controls.

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5. NETGEAR R6700-100NAS Wireless Router : best router for large house

Are you looking for a high-quality router that is best for 2 story house? If yes, stay here. We are going to introduce NETGEAR R6700-100NAS because it holds attractive features at a reasonable price. Most importantly, it offers up to 2500 sq at 1300 Mbps data transfer speed. Besides, it is powered by Netamour security to protect connected devices for just 96$.


  • 0 USB port
  • With dynamic Qos
  • Amplified technology
  • 1 GHZ core CPU
Incredible performance:

Notably, this is the best router house with incredible performance due to the expanded coverage range. Besides, at this range, it is possible to connect 25 digital devices.

With USB connections:

Chiefly, this router offers universal USB ports to provide maximum and reliable storage. Besides, these ports make it ideal for gaming and also helps in sharing heavy files and games.

Directional antennas:

Mainly, this is the best router for story house because it provides antennas that supply equal signals throughout the home. Besides, these antennas offer stable signals to provide reliable bandwidth.


  • With various safety protocols
  • Resonance price just 96$
  • Best works with 25 devices
  • With beamforming technology


  • Reduced compatibility
Our Words:

Notably, this is the best router for a story house with a range of features, creative design, three antennas, and a reasonable price. Yet, if you are living in a large house, it is preferable for you due to the vast coverage range. Moreover, it keeps all connected devices safe by Net Armor.

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6. Tenda AC6 Wireless Router : best router for 2500 sq ft house

Here we are going to introduce the router for 2 story house with MU-MIMO technology. Notably, this is one of the best and latest technologies that connect multiple devices with exceptional speed. Besides, this router is easy to control due to the smart set and parental controls. Moreover, it offers a maximum internet speed of up to 1167mbps. Further, below there is a range of features in detail. Have a site.


  • Latest beamforming technology
  • With four antennas
  • Offers three LAN ports
  • Smart connectivity
Impressive design:

Chiefly, this router features an impressive design with four external antennas. It comes in a lightweight and with an LED indicator. Besides, it offers strong signals; hence it is the router for 2 story house.

With LAN ports:

Amazingly, creative LAN ports make it the best router because it provides stable connections. Hence, due to long-lasting connections, you can enjoy high-class professional gaming without buffering.

Extraordinary performance:

Mainly, this is the best router for a 1200 sq ft house as it includes MU-MIMO technology, Qos, smart controls, and easy setup. Hence, directional antennas are also present to enhance their performance.


  • Extremely smart parental controls
  • Incredible bandwidth
  • Only 37$ price
  • With LED indicators


  • The processor is not so exceptional
Our Words:

Suppose you want the best router story house which comes in an attractive design, low price, and latest 802.11 ac technology. Yet, in my opinion, this router is perfect and fits in the above phrase. Besides, it offers four antennas to provide 70 percent fast signals.

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7. Mediabridge MLWR-AC1200R Wireless Router :best router for 3,000 sq ft house (2020)

Do you need the best router for  house? Do you want a router with universal ports? If yes, stay with us. Here we represent you with Mediabridge MLWR-AC1200R because it holds impressive features and a unique design. Mainly, it offers multiple universal ports for durable speed and connections. Despite this, if you are eager to learn about its technical features, have a site below.


  • Quick setup
  • Works with any modem
  • Cover up to 20 devices
  • With the latest beamforming technology
Quick speed:

Notably, this is the best router for the house because it offers quick and durable speed. Besides, this router includes fast Ethernet ports that make your router seed ten times faster than ever. Hence, it is best for 4k HD gaming and game consoles.

Safety protocols:

Chiefly, the best advantage of this router is that it offers high-class safety. It provides wireless firewall security for unknown visitors. Besides, it all unwanted harmful websites.

Latest technology:

Amazingly, this router is the router for 2 story house because it includes the latest technology. It offers beamforming technology, antennas, and MU-MIMO technology. Besides, all these factors enhance the signals and fasten the speed.


  • Suitable for 4k streaming videos
  • With ultimate controls
  • Advanced safety protocols
  • Offers buffer-free internet


  • Internet speed is just average
Our Words:

Mainly, this is the router for 2 story house, which provides various technical features and a slim design. Yet, in my opinion, it is preferable for you due to its fast and reliable speed. Besides, its coverage range for connecting multiple devices offers two antennas that provide short internal signals.

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8. NETGEAR R7000-100PAS Wireless Router : best router for house with concrete walls

Specifically, NETGEAR is one of the best and trusted brands famous for its exceptional speed. It offers a maximum coverage range of up to 1800 sq feet to connect 30 plus devices. Besides, this coverage range makes it the router for 2 story house. Hence, it is also best for professional players because of its fast speed and 4k displays. Moreover, for further details, have a glimpse below.


  • With powerful processor
  • Three directions antennas
  • Fast and reliable speed up to 1.2 Gbps
  • Offers maximum connectivity
With parental controls:

Notably, this great router features intelligent parental controls to manage it. Hence, it offers a Netgear app to control all functions remotely. Besides, through your Android device, you can handle internet speed, block unnecessary files, and filter websites quickly.

With universal connections:

Most importantly, this is the router for a house featuring two universal ports. These ports are USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet ports for providing fast and reliable internet to wired devices. Besides, USB ports enable you to share and store heavy data files.

Utmost coverage range:

Amazingly, this is the best router for a house that provides a maximum coverage range of up to 1800 sq feet. At this coverage range, this router offers exceptional speed to all digital devices. Besides, in this range, this router can handle 30 digital devices reliably.


  • Best for gaming
  • With Ethernet ports
  • Quick set up
  • Smart parental controls


  • Data transfer speed is not reliable
Our Words:

We conclude that this is the best router for the house because it is enriched with advanced technology. Ultimately, it also includes fast universal ports and dual bandwidth. Besides, it is well protected by Netarmor security protocols.

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9. NETGEAR RAX120-100NAS Wireless Router : best location for wireless router 2 story home 

Enjoy fast internet speed in a large house with Netgear RAX120-100NAS. Notably, this is the latest router in the market these days. Because it provides four times faster data speed than the previous generation besides, it also includes an eye-catching design that makes it more attractive and popular. Moreover, what is another impressive feature that makes it the best router for story house? To learn about this answer, have a glimpse below for detailed information.


  • With versatile port
  • Latest wireless connectivity
  • With eight antennas
  • Best for up to 2 GB plan
  • Easy setup
Innovative design:

Notably, this router features a creative design with eight external antennas. As it includes a powerful core processor, it works effectively nonstop all day and night. Besides, it is the best gaming and other 4k streaming videos and movies. Moreover, all these features make it the best router for story houses.


Specifically, this router provides enhanced cybersecurity to protect all connected devices. Besides, it provides antivirus and anti-malware to fight against external threats. Moreover, this router is protective for all those devices which are connected with this router.


Mainly, this is the best router for story house because it works with all sorts of internet devices.  Besides, this router can also work with cable providers such as for 2 Gbps satellite, fiber, and more. Moreover, due to maximum compatibility, it is the best-reviewed product.


  • With cybersecurity and easy setup
  • Powerful 2.2.GHz processor
  • With multi gigabytes ports
  • For fast streaming videos


  • Costly
Our Words:

Amazingly, this is the best router for a story house due to the 3500 sq feet coverage range. Besides, in my opinion, it is the best and latest router these days with premium features. Yet, if its cost is suitable for you, it is an ideal choice. Moreover, it offers an attractive and innovative design.

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10. D-Link DIR-X4860-US Wireless Router :centurylink modem compatible with xfinity

Do you know what type of router is best for wireless technology? Do you need a unique design router with MU-MIMO technology? If yes, stay with us. Here we choose the best router for a house named D-Link. Chiefly, this router holds the features mentioned above and is best for wireless technology due to 802.11 ac technology. Besides, this router includes four Ethernet ports with reliable wired connections. Moreover, further details are given below.


  • With four times the fast capacity
  • Provide maximum compatibility
  • Works efficiently
  • Offers incredible bandwidth
  • With powerful parental controls
Fast performance:

Amazingly, this is the best router for a story house with four times the fast capacity than the previous generation. Besides, this router delivers 600 mbps at 2.4 GHz, and at 4200 Mbps, it offers 5GHz frequency for fast and exceptional speed. Moreover, due to its reliable performance, it is ideal for 4k streaming videos and heavy files.

Incredible ports:

Make your wired connections stable and durable with ethernet ports. Notably, simply plug these ports into computers or other devices and enjoy exceptional buffer-free speed for gaming, downloading heavy files, and more.

MU-MIMO technology:

Expressly, this is the best router for 2 storys house due to the maximum coverage range. Besides, at this range, to connect multiple devices at once with surprising speed. So, to hold full devices with streaming fast speed, this router is a perfect match.


  • Incredible design
  • With maximum antennas
  • Extended coverage range
  • Effortless setup with D-Link app
  • Best for high-quality streaming 4k videos

Cons :

  • Expensive
Our Words:

Mainly, this is the best router for 2 story house because it includes mesh technology for an expanded coverage range. Besides, it works with Alexa voice for virtual assistants. Moreover, if you think that you can pay for it then in my opinion, it is preferable for you.

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Best Router For 2 Story House FAQs:

Q.1 Where should a router be placed in a two-story house?

Ans: Where is the best place to put a wifi router? This is an excellent question, and a lot of new buyers of wireless routers ask this question. The best router for a two-story house should be placed at the center of the house. Many people ask why to put it in the middle of the house; the simple answer is if you set the router at the center of the house, you will get equal wifi signals all around the house.

Q.2 Is it better to have a Wi-Fi router upstairs or downstairs?

Ans: As we are all aware that the wall and other obstacles resist wireless signals. That’s why many brands and ISPs suggest their customers place the router at a higher point. So, from this, you can clearly understand that the placement of a router should be upstairs.

Q.3 Which router is best for a duplex house?

Ans: Netgear R7000 wireless router comes with a decent coverage range of 1800 Square feet, a data transmission speed of 1900 Mbps, and connectivity for 30 devices. All these things collectively make it the best router for a duplex house.

Q.4 Which is the best router for a 3000 Square feet house?

Ans: TP-Link Archer A9 is the best router for a 3000 Square feet house as it comes with a long signals coverage range of 3000 Square feet.

Best Router For 2 Story House Buying Guide:

If you are going to pick the best router for a 2 story house from the above-mentioned list, then obey our buying guide to select a suitable device. You should then prioritize the following given features when purchasing a wireless router for a 2 story house.

Signals Range:

If you are looking to purchase the best wireless router for a 2000 square feet house, it is better to have a coverage range of about 2500 sq ft to fill in every nook of your home. Besides, if you have a shorter house area than 2000 sq feet, then a wireless router with a range span of 2000 sq feet is reasonable.

Real-time internet speed:

If you are subscribed to 2 Gbps per month internet speed from your ISP, then the best wifi router for a 2 story house with a data transfer speed closer to it will certainly fulfill your desires. Further, if you are given a 1000 Mbps internet subscription, then any wifi router proposing a 1.2 Gbps of internet speed is more than adequate

Bandwidth support:

Many best wifi routers for 2 story houses in the above-mentioned list backing dual-band wifi speed. If you choose a router for providing the wifi internet necessities of various devices, a dual-band router is crucial. These best wifi routers for home delivery not only have uninterrupted data transfer speed but also minor interference.

MU-MIMO and beamforming Technology:

The Multi-User Multi-Input Multi-Output technology permits various devices to manipulate wifi without putting the brakes on the data transmission rate of the best router for a three-story home. Similarly, beamforming technology is for giving ultimate data transfer speed for a particular device. Further, both these characteristics are useful when you are playing videos on the internet.

QoS technology:

Why review out for QoS technology? Many lamb and fresh buyers ask this concern. The justification is this function allows you to set speed tendencies for particular tasks like video viewing & multiplayer gaming. For instance, if five users are playing video games in your home, but you are watching videos on the internet. Therefore, as a controller, you can fix the ultimate speed for streaming videos and the minimal speed for multiplayer games utilizing this technology.


The most important thing you should have to consider before buying the best wireless router for a 2 story house is the price. Never go for a device that is out of your range. It is better to look for a device that comes with efficient performance on a meager budget. For this, you have to skip some fancy features which come at a high price.


You should have to check how much the best router offers a warranty time for a three-story house. If you have a long-term warranty, then you get free from any problem that perhaps occurs within the router. If you haven’t bought a route with a long time warranty, then after the end of the warranty, you have to pay repair charges if something goes wrong with your router. That’s why we recommend you to buy the router which is offering an extended warranty.


We conclude that all these best routers for 2 story houses come with a fast day transmission rate, extended range of wifi signals, advanced paternal control, and a lot more at an affordable price. Moreover, all these routers are best if you want to replace your rental router because, in less than a year, you will recover the money.

Buy the router with complete confidence as they are added to the list after thorough scrutiny. So feel free to pick anyone from the list because they are loaded with every feature you dream about. Further, if you have any questions circulating in your mind, don’t hide. Just open up and share with us in the comment box.

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